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Project Summary
Conqueror is an app for Windows Phone and Windows 8 which allows you to connect to from anywhere with a clean and modern interface.

What's Here?
Conqueror is an app entering its fifth generation and has been in development since 2011 when it first came to Windows Phone. Since then Conqueror has expanded and come to other platforms including Windows 8. The code contained here is that of Conqueror 5, the latest version of Conqueror. It is still in development. Conqueror 5 represents a complete rework of the entire Conqueror app to address issues that had arisen from the app aging poorly.

Conqueror features two projects currently. The first is the API which is a standalone portable library written in C# that provides full access to Conquer Clubs public API. This can be used independently from the apps for any project written in C#.

The second project is Conqueror for Windows Phone. This is also a complete redesign from previous versions of Conqueror in order to take advantage of new features made available in Windows Phone 8 and 8.1.

NOTE: Conqueror for Windows Phone takes advantage of Telerik Controls which are not included in the source and are not free to use. Creating your own version of this project may require swapping out some of those controls before it will compile.

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